Blending Preservatives

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Preservative K712

Price: 6 USD ($)/Kilograms

K712 is a liquid cosmetic preservative, which can be used in leave-on as well as in rinse-off products.

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Germall Plus Powder

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Germall Plus Powder is combination of 99% Diazolidinyl Urea (DU) and 1% Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (IPBC).

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Germall IS-45

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Germall IS-45 is a solubilized combination of Germall II with Methyl paraben and IPBC, is very effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and against yeast and mold.

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Germall Plus Liquid

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Germall Plus Liquid preservative is one of the classic preservatives

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Germall C

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Germall-C is a clear, viscous liquid, is a convenient, ready-to-use complete antimicrobial preservative system with broad spectrum activity.

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Preservative K220

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Preservataive K220 is a non-formaldehyde and paraben preservative. It can control a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a broad-spectrum and long-term effect.

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Phenoxyethanol PE9010

Price: 6 USD ($)/Kilograms

PE9010 is a paraben free preservative for personal care and cosmetic product

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Germall BE

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms
  • Density:N/A Gram per cubic meter (g/m3)
  • CAS No:78491-02-8
  • Structural Formula:C8H14N4O7
  • Melting Point:N/A
  • Poisonous:NO
  • Ph Level:N/A
  • Application:Soaps & Detergents
  • Ingredients:Diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propyl paraben,Propylene glycol
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:7 Days

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